Executor or Administrator Fee

Report fees for your service as an executor or administrator in Part 2.  In addition, report the following interests in Part 6: (1) assets distributed from an estate and (2) a beneficial interest in an estate that has not yet been distributed.  Do not report an interest in the will of a living person.





Income Type

Income Amount


Estate of Ms. Eliot



executor fees



Estate of a family member



administrator fees


For You

Part 2

Report the source and amount of your fees if you received more than $200 from that source during the reporting period.

Description:  Identify the estate.  If the estate is that of a relative, you may write “estate of a family member.”  In other cases, identify the estate by the last name of the party (e.g., “Estate of Mr. Doe”).

EIF:  Select “N/A.”

Income Type:  Write “executor fees” or “administrator fees.”

Income Amount:  Provide the exact amount of your fees during the reporting period.

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