Farm (operated as a business)

Report a farm that you operate as a business in Part 2.





Income Type

Income Amount


Highlands Farm, Papillion, NE, general partner (crops)


$500,001 - $1,000,000

partnership income



Bailey Horse Farm, Ashburn, VA, sole proprietor (livestock)


$250,001 - $500,000

farming income


For You

Part 2

Report a farm that you operate as a business if its value was more than $1,000 at the end of the reporting period or if you received more than $200 in income during the reporting period.

Do not report passive investment interests in a farm in Part 2.  Report these interests in Part 6 instead.

Description:  Provide the name of the farm; the location of the farm (either the city and state or the county and state); and the business of the farm, such as crops or livestock.  In addition, it is helpful if you specify the type of interest that you have in the farm, such as “sole proprietor” or “general partner.”

EIFSelect “N/A.”

Value:  Select the appropriate category to report the value of the farm, including such assets as the land, the crops (standing or in storage), the livestock, the farm equipment, the buildings, etc.

Income Type:  Specify the type(s) of income if the total amount of income during the reporting period exceeded $200.

Income Amount:  The level of detail required for income depends on the amount and type(s) of income.

(1) Income less than $201:  Select the category for “None (or less than $201).”

(2) Dividends, capital gains, interest, rent, or royalties:  Select the category that corresponds to the total amount of income received during the reporting period.

(3) Other income:  Provide the exact amount of income received during the reporting period.

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