Contingency Fee

Report your interest in contingency fee cases in Part 2.  In addition, report your contingency fee interests in Part 3 (see Part 3 of this guide for details).





Income Type

Income Amount


Faraday, Maxwell & Franklin, contingency fee cases (value not readily ascertainable)




None (or less than $201)

For You

Part 2

Report an interest in contingency fee cases if the value of the interest was more than $1,000 at the end of the reporting period or if you received more than $200 in income during the reporting period.

Description:  Provide the name of the law firm through which you acquired your interest in the cases and write “contingency fee case” or “contingency fee cases.”

EIFSelect “N/A.”

Value:  Select the category that corresponds to the value of the interest.  If you cannot ascertain the value, which will usually be the case if you have not set a cap on your fee, leave this field blank and write “value not readily ascertainable” in the “Description” field.

Income Type:  Write “contingency fees” if the total amount of income during the reporting period exceeded $200.

Income Amount:  Provide the exact amount of income over $200 received during the reporting period.  Otherwise, select the “None (or less than $201)” category.

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