Report stock obtained through your business, employment, or other income-generating activities in Part 2.





Income Type

Income Amount


Xylophone Technologies Corporation (XYZ)


$15,001 - $50,000


$201 - $1,000


BMSL Propulsion, Inc. (rocket fuel research)


None (or less than $1,001)

capital gains

$1,001 - $2,500

For You

Part 2

Report a stock if the value of the stock was more than $1,000 at the end of the reporting period or if you received more than $200 in income during the reporting period.

Description:  Provide the exact name of the stock (e.g., “Xylophone Technologies Corporation”).  In addition, for stock of a privately held company, provide a description of the issuer’s trade or business (e.g., grain distributor, supermarket, financial advisory, etc.).  For publicly traded stocks, it is helpful to provide the ticker symbol in addition to the name of the stock.

EIFSelect “N/A.”

ValueReport the value of the stock by selecting the appropriate category.

Income Type:  Specify the type(s) of income if the total amount of income received during the reporting period exceeded $200.  Stocks normally produce dividend income but may also produce capital gains if sold.

Income Amount:  Select the category corresponding to the total amount of income received during the reporting period.

Equity Compensation Plans and Other Interests

Stock obtained through employment-related activities often originates from equity compensation plans and other interests, such as deferred compensation, employee stock ownership plans, employee stock purchase plans, incentive stock options, phantom stock, restricted stock, restricted stock units, and stock appreciation rightsReport these interests in Part 2 and any related arrangements in Part 3 if applicable.

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