Pledge Waivers (E.O. 13770) - Trump Administration

This page lists the appointees who received limited waivers to the Ethics Pledge in Executive Order 13770. Copies of any waivers granted to White House appointees pursuant to Executive Order 13770 are available on the archived White House website.

Appleton, Brooke
Baptist, Erik
Barbic, Kenneth
Barr, William (4/16/19)
Barr, William (4/21/20)
Benczkowski, Brian (11/28/18)
Benczkowski, Brian (12/16/19)
Boswell, Kristi
Branstad, Terry
Callanan, Brian
Crowley, Monica
Dougherty, Margaret
Faist, James
Finch, Andrew
Forsgren, Dennis
Francisco, Noel
Gordon-Hagerty, Lisa
Grenell, Richard
Gustafson, Adam
Jorjani, Aimee
Juster, Kenneth
Kan, Derek
Kelly, John
Kissel, Mary
Leggitt, Lance
Lenihan, Keagan
Levi, William
Liske, Kyle
Lyons, Maggie
McMullen, Edward
McNamee, Bernard
Norby, Heather
Ortagus, Morgan
Panuccio, Jesse
Peacock, Marcus
Readler, Chad
Sands, Jeffrey
Sayegh, Anthony
Scalia, Eugene
Schriver, Randall
Shaffer, Alan
Slade, David
Tarbert, Heath
Tkacz, Kailee
Verdon, Charles
Wachtel, Jonathan
Wall, Jeffrey (4/12/18)
Wall, Jeffrey (4/24/18)
White, Anne
Wray, Christopher