United States Office of Government Ethics, Preventing Conflicts of Interest in the Executive Branch

OGE Form 450

The purpose of this report is to assist employees and their agencies in avoiding conflicts between official duties and private financial interests or affiliations. Agency ethics officials will use the information that filers provide to determine whether any potential conflicts exist.

The primary person who will be reviewing this form is the agency ethics official. It is possible that a paralegal or an ethics specialist assisting the ethics official in reviewing the OGE Form 450s that come to their office will look at the forms.

Some agencies also require the filer's supervisor to review the form and sign it. Each filer will need to ask his or her ethics official whether the form should be sent to the supervisor. The Privacy Act Statement lists other limited circumstances and persons who may have access to an individual's report. Some agencies allow annual filers to submit the optional OGE Form 450-A in successive years after filing the OGE Form 450, if certain requirements are met. Employees must consult their agency ethics officials to find if they are eligible to file this optional form.

Go to the Forms Library to download the OGE Form 450 or the OGE Form 450-A.