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OGE Form 201: Request an Individual's Ethics Documents (2023)

May 31, 2023

(link to PDF version)

When would I use the PDF version?

Whenever possible, you should use the online system when requesting ethics documents from OGE.

Available in the online system are the disclosures and related ethics documents for about 1,000 of the approximately 26,000 public filers in the executive branch. Disclosures and ethics documents for the other 25,000 filers must be submitted to the agency that employs the individual, and the PDF version can be used to submit your request to the agency using the contact information on this page.

You may also use the PDF version to request other "covered records" from OGE. Such other covered records include qualified blind trust and qualified diversified trust instruments, other OGE Form 201 requests, cover letters for approved gifts reporting waiver requests, and cover letters for approved public reporting waiver requests for certain less than 130-day special Government employees.

How do I submit the PDF Form?

To make a request for ethics documents to the individual’s employing agency, submit this PDF Form to the agency using the contact information on this page.

If you are unable to request an individual’s ethics document that is available from OGE using the online submission, e-mail the PDF form or mail the PDF form to U.S. Office of Government Ethics, 250 E Street, SW., Suite 750, Washington DC 20024-3249 (Note: until further notice OGE is unable to fill any request using the PDF Form that does not provide an email address for the requestor.)