United States Office of Government Ethics, Preventing Conflicts of Interest in the Executive Branch

November 7, 2019

The Office of Government Ethics (OGE)  plays a vital role in Presidential transitions, reviewing the financial disclosure reports of prospective Presidential nominees and resolving their potential conflicts of interest so they can serve with integrity. This nominee work becomes OGE’s primary focus during a transition, when most of the top political leadership in the executive branch turns over. OGE will work in partnership with any Presidential Transition Team to make sure that prospective nominees are free of conflicts of interest, so that top leadership positions can be filled quickly.

OGE Transition Materials - many of these materials will be updated throughout the next year.

Resources for Candidates and Transition Teams

About OGE and Contact Information

  • Ways OGE Can Help in the Presidential Transition (1-page graphic) (2016)
    • OGE is ready to assist a Presidential Transition Team in navigating the transition and laying the groundwork for a strong ethical culture in the new administration. OGE is also ready to assist in establishing a strong White House ethics program. Click here >
  • OGE Agency Profile (2016)
    • This profile provides an overview of the executive branch ethics program and OGE. It also includes detailed information about OGE’s leadership, structure, and components; major functional areas; and critical management practices. (print version, page version)
  • OGE Senior Leadership
    • Follow this link to learn more about OGE’s Senior Leadership. Click here >
  • OGE Staff Contact Information
    • Follow this link for an OGE staff listing and contact information. Click here >

Guides and Other Guidance

  • GAO-17-615R Presidential Transition: Information on Ethics, Funding, and Agency Services (2017) (PDF)
  • OGE’s Guide for the Presidential Transition Team (2016)
    • The work of a Presidential transition is a monumental undertaking. OGE developed this Guide as a resource for a Presidential Transition Team to prepare for the then-upcoming transition so that top leadership positions can be filled quickly and free from conflicts of interest. This guide explains the nominee ethics process, provides strategies for establishing a strong ethical culture in a new Presidential administration, and includes useful reference materialsWeb version | Print version
  • (Unofficial) Excel workbook listing positions for which OGE reviews nominees (2016)
    • ​​The official source for identifying political positions in the executive branch is the publication titled, “United States Government Policy and Supporting Positions.” This publication, commonly known as the Plum Book, is published alternately by the Senate and the House committees after each Presidential election. However, the process of identifying possible nominees needs to begin well before the election. To assist in this process, OGE has compiled an unofficial Excel workbook listing the civilian Presidentially appointed, Senate-confirmed positions traditionally subject to OGE’s review in the nomination process.Click here >

Access to Candidate Financial Disclosure Reports 

  • Presidential, Vice Presidential, Appointee, and Nominee Records
    • Public financial disclosure reports submitted by candidates for the Office of President or Vice President may be requested by completing the automated OGE Form 201, "Request to Inspect or Receive Copies of Executive Branch Personnel Public Financial Disclosure Reports or Other Covered Records." Click here to access the reports >

Resources for Nominees to PAS Positions

Electronic Financial Disclosure, Forms, and Certifications

  • Electronic Public Financial Disclosure Filing System, Integrity
    • Presidential nominees in the executive branch file public financial disclosure reports through Integrity, the executive branch electronic financial disclosure system. The online user manual for Integrity provides useful explanations of the system’s features. A user name and password is required to access both Integrity and its user manual. Click here >
  • Public Financial Disclosure (OGE Form 278e) and Confidential Financial Disclosure (OGE Form 450)
    • Follow this link for access to OGE’s financial disclosure forms and instructions for downloading the forms. (To access Integrity, OGE’s system for electronically filing and reviewing Public Financial Disclosures, click here.) Click here >
  • Certification of Ethics Agreement Compliance
    • Follow this link for access to the form that agencies use to report ethics agreement compliance for all Senate-confirmed Presidential appointees whose financial disclosure reports OGE reviews in connection with the nomination process. Click here >

Guides and Materials

  • Public Financial Disclosure Guide (2019)
    • The Public Financial Disclosure Guide is an interactive tool to assist individuals who file or review public financial disclosure reports (OGE Form 278e or OGE Form 278-T). The Guide offers helpful instructions, illustrations of sample language, definitions of terms, and plain-language answers to frequently asked questions. Click here >
  • Nominee Public Financial Disclosure Review Checklists (2016)
    • OGE developed this collection of public financial disclosure checklists for prospective incoming Presidential nominees who file public financial disclosure reports, as well as for agency reviewers. The collection includes a general checklist applicable to all nominees and supplemental checklists that target certain categories of professionals: attorneys; corporate officers, employees, and directors; university professors and deans; and investment fund managers. Click here >
  • Guide for Nominees (2016)
    • OGE developed this Guide as a resource for potential Presidentially appointed, Senate-confirmed (PAS) nominees during the then-upcoming transition. The Guide contains helpful guidance for prospective PAS nominees, including an introduction to the nominee process, guidance on financial disclosure, and an overview of key ethics rules and regulations. Web version | Print version
  • Appendix to the Guide for Nominees (2016)
    • The Appendix to the Guide for Nominees contains detailed reference content, such as financial disclosure checklists, criteria for identifying excepted investment funds, and information on ongoing financial disclosure obligations. Web version | Print version
  • Nominee Ethics Agreement Guide (2014)
    • The ethics agreement outlines specific steps a nominee, after confirmation, will take to avoid conflicts of interest. OGE’s staff and agency ethics officials draft each ethics agreement using standardized language from this Guide that will be modified as needed to tailor the agreement to the nominee’s unique circumstances. Click here >

External Resources