United States Office of Government Ethics, Preventing Conflicts of Interest in the Executive Branch

Surveying the Government Ethics Operations of Executive Branch Agencies
August 14, 2015

by Walter M. Shaub, Jr. 

The Ethics in Government Act requires each executive branch agency to submit an annual report to OGE regarding its government ethics operations. In order to standardize the agencies’ submissions, OGE has required agencies to complete an ethics program questionnaire each year. 

I am pleased to announce that we have made the agencies’ responses to the 2014 Annual Agency Ethics Program Questionnaire available on OGE’s website. We have also published key statistics about the executive branch ethics program in both a summary report and a PowerPoint presentation

Posting the raw data and the summary statistics supports OGE’s goal of promoting transparency regarding the executive branch ethics program. The agencies’ responses are useful for surveying the structure and capacity of the executive branch ethics program, and they help shape OGE’s priorities. OGE’s Compliance Division also uses the data as part of its process for conducting program reviews of agency ethics programs. 

For more information about the executive branch ethics program, you may want to review OGE’s program review reports, OGE’s strategic plan, OGE’s legal and program advisories, OGE’s schedule of key ethics program dates and deadlines, OGE’s Presidential appointee and nominee records, and OGE’s 2016 Presidential candidate records.