DO-09-032: A Reminder about Holiday Gifts and Fundraisingpdf
OGE updates a poem that reminds executive branch employees, in an entertaining way, about the ethics rules on solicitation and acceptance of gifts.


DO-09-030: The Kennedy Center for the Performing Artspdf
Executive Branch employees may accept offers of free attendance at events from the Kennedy Center, consistent with the gift rules in the Standards of Ethical Conduct.  This determination is limited to the Kennedy Center and should not be read as extending to all congressionally-established entities.


DO-09-029: 2008 Conflict of Interest Prosecution Surveypdf
2008 Conflict of Interest Prosecution Survey


DO-09-020: Speeches and Paragraph 2 of the Ethics Pledge; Intergovernmental Personnel Act Detaileespdf
OGE addresses questions about how to apply Paragraph 2 of the Ethics Pledge in Executive Order 13490 to an appointee who gives an official speech at an event sponsored by a former employer or client.  OGE also addresses the question of whether the Pledge applies to detailees under the IPA.


DO-09-014: Holdover Appointees and the Ethics Pledgepdf
Appointees from the prior Administration must sign the Ethics Pledge once the 100-day grace period expires.


DO-09-011: Revolving Door Ban of the Ethics Pledge (Ban on All Appointees Entering Government)pdf
OGE provides an explanation of the phrases that comprise paragraph 2 of the Ethics Pledge and discusses how paragraph 2 interacts with existing impartiality regulations.


DO-09-010: Who Must Sign the Ethics Pledge?pdf
OGE identifies the categories of officials who must sign the Ethics Pledge required by Executive Order 13490 and those who are not required to sign.


DO-09-008: Authorizations Pursuant to Section 3 of Executive Order 13490, Ethics Commitments by Executive Branch Personnelpdf
OGE provides guidance to Designated Agency Ethics Officials on the exercise of waiver authority under Section 3 of Executive Order 13490.


DO-09-007: Lobbyist Gift Ban Guidancepdf
OGE provides guidance on the implementation and interpretation of the lobbyist gift ban in paragraph 1 of the Ethics Pledge in Executive Order 13490.


DO-09-005: Signing the Ethics Pledgepdf
OGE describes when various appointees must sign the Ethics Pledge in Executive Order 13490.


DO-09-003: Executive Order 13490, Ethics Pledgepdf
OGE provides an overview of President Obama's Executive Order 13490, "Ethics Commitments by Executive Branch Personnel."


DO-09-001: Presidential Inaugural Eventspdf
OGE reminds agencies of the ethical requirements pertaining to offers of free attendance from various sources to Federal employees to attend Inauguration-related events, including the Inaugural Parade, Inaugural Balls, receptions, dinners and fundraisers.