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Inclement Weather Policy - National Government Ethics Summit

January 31, 2016

OGE will follow OPM guidance for any delayed opening or closing.

Delayed Openings

  • If OPM announces a one hour delay, the Summit will start at 09:00 AM
  • If OPM announces a two hour delay, the Summit will start at 10:30 AM instead of 09:00 AM
  • If OPM announces a three hour delay, the Summit will start at 12:00 PM instead of 09:00 AM.

Closings and Rescheduling

  • The Summit will be canceled per OPM announcement of Federal Government Closing(s). That day’s sessions will be rescheduled for Friday, March 11th.
  • If the federal government is closed for more than one day we will reschedule the sessions of the first day’s closure for March 11th. Subsequent days will be rescheduled for future dates that will be announced at a later time.