Public service is a public trust, requiring employees to place loyalty to the Constitution, the laws and ethical principles above private gain.

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Shelley Finlayson

Shelley Finlayson, Acting Director

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February 15 Is an Important Day on the Government Ethics Calendar

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Leadership Note
| 02/15/2024

By the end of today, the nearly one-in-five civilian executive branch employees required to complete a confidential financial disclosure will have filed their reports, which are vital to the integrity of government.

Legal Advisory
| 02/05/2024

This Legal Advisory discusses the changes in the updated Public Financial Disclosure Guide.

Legal Advisory
| 01/31/2024

This Legal Advisory discusses the application of certain ethics rules to several Bitcoin exchange-traded products (“Bitcoin ETPs”). As described in the Legal Advisory, these Bitcoin ETPs do not qualify for regulatory exemptions to the conflict of interest law 18 U.S.C. § 208. The Bitcoin ETPs do qualify as excepted investment funds for purposes of financial disclosure reporting.

Legal Advisory
| 01/04/2024

This Legal Advisory identifies the 2024 thresholds for: (1) determining which senior employees are subject to the post-employment restrictions; (2) identifying which officers and employees must file public financial disclosure reports; and (3) implementing the outside employment and outside earned income restrictions for certain covered noncareer employees.

Featured Resources

2024 Presidential Election Readiness

This webpage features current resources, as well as an archive of past resources, for Presidential campaigns, Presidential Transition Teams, prospective nominees to Presidentially appointed, Senate-confirmed (PAS) positions, the public, and the media to support successful pre and post-election activities.

Resources for Nominees to Senate-Confirmed Positions

OGE provides a collection of resources to help potential Presidential nominees to Senate-confirmed positions understand the Nominee process and the ethics rules to which they would be subject after confirmation.

Confidential Financial Disclosure Guide

OGE maintains a guide to assist filers and reviewers of confidential financial disclosure reports.

Public Financial Disclosure Guide

OGE maintains a guide to assist filers and reviewers of public financial disclosure reports.

Institute for Ethics in Government

OGE provides professional development opportunities for executive branch ethics officials through its Institute for Ethics in Government.

Compilation of Federal Ethics Laws (PDF)

OGE has compiled the most pertinent laws under the jurisdiction of the executive branch ethics program as well as related statutes on which ethics officials are often called upon to provide advice to agency employees.

Summary of the Standards of Conduct (PDF)

OGE is responsible for issuing and interpreting the Standards of Conduct for Employees of the Executive Branch.