United States Office of Government Ethics, Preventing Conflicts of Interest in the Executive Branch

Conflict of Interest Prosecution Surveys

Each year OGE issues a survey of prosecutions involving the conflict of interest criminal statutes (18 U.S.C. §§ 202-209). Information on the prosecutions by U.S. Attorneys' offices and the Public Integrity Section of the Department of Justice's Criminal Division is provided to OGE with the assistance of the Executive Office for United States Attorneys at the Department of Justice.

By Year

2018 Conflict of Interest Prosecution Survey

2017 Conflict of Interest Prosecution Survey

2016 Conflict of Interest Prosecution Survey

2015 Conflict of Interest Prosecution Survey

2014 Conflict of Interest Prosecution Survey

2013 Conflict of Interest Prosecution Survey

2012 Conflict of Interest Prosecution Survey

2011 Conflict of Interest Prosecution Survey

2010 Conflict of Interest Prosecution Survey

2009 Conflict of Interest Prosecution Survey

2008 Conflict of Interest Prosecution Survey

2007 Conflict of Interest Prosecution Survey 

2006 Conflict of Interest Prosecution Survey 

2005 Conflict of Interest Prosecution Survey

2004 Conflict of Interest Prosecution Survey 

2003 Conflict of Interest Prosecution Survey

2002 Conflict of Interest Prosecution Survey

2001 Conflict of Interest Prosecution Survey

2000 Conflict of Interest Prosecution Survey 

1999 Conflict of Interest Prosecution Survey

1998 Conflict of Interest Prosecution Survey 

1997 Conflict of Interest Prosecution Survey

1996 Conflict of Interest Prosecution Survey

1995 Conflict of Interest Prosecution Survey

1994 Conflict of Interest Prosecution Survey

1993 Conflict of Interest Prosecution Survey

1992 Conflict of Interest Prosecution Survey 

1990-91 Conflict of Interest Prosecution Survey