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Read OGE’s Strategic Plan which charts our course through 2026

March 28, 2022

I am honored to present the Strategic Plan  for the United States Office of Government Ethics for 2022-2026. The trust of the American people is the foundation upon which our government’s success depends. OGE’s mission to detect and prevent conflicts of interest in the executive branch is vital to protecting the trust between the American people and their government. Our form of government requires that the public can be certain that government decisions are made in their interest and are not impaired by private financial interests. 

To help ensure that the public can trust their government, OGE commits to advancing the following goals:

Strategic Goal 1: Advance a Strong, Consistent Executive Branch Ethics Program

Strategic Goal 2: Hold the Executive Branch Accountable for Carrying Out an Effective Ethics Program

Strategic Goal 3: Help Top Executive Branch Officials Resolve Conflicts of Interest and Demonstrate Ethical Leadership

Strategic Goal 4: Use Transparency to Further Oversight of the Executive Branch

OGE developed these goals and its plan based on feedback from its employees, ethics officials, NGOs, academia, and the public. Thank you to everyone who participated in the process. OGE looks forward to working with agencies across the executive branch to build and reinforce the trust between the American people and their government so that our nation may continue to thrive.