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Public Financial Disclosure FAQ

January 30, 2018

Q.  I can’t find the financial disclosure reports for the official I’m searching for on your website. Why?

The official may not file with OGE. Documents for such officials can be obtained by completing this form and submitting it to the official’s employing agency. (OGE has an unofficial spreadsheet listing positions which file with OGE available here).

OGE receives about 1,100 of the approximately 26,000 public financial disclosure reports filed by officials in the executive branch. OGE only reviews the reports for officials in positions requiring Senate confirmation, certain White House appointees, and the most senior ethics official at each agency. The remaining approximately 25,000 public financial disclosure reports are available from the official’s agency.

If the report is one of the 1,100 reports that OGE receives, it may not yet be available on OGE’s website.

For nominees to positions requiring Senate confirmation, reports become available within 2 business days of the official announcement of the nomination. 

Q. Why are some reports readily available on your website while I have to file a request form for other reports?

The Ethics in Government Act, as amended, specifies which public financial disclosure reports are publicly posted and which must be released subject to a request process

Reports submitted by the President and Vice President are publicly posted here. Reports for filers at Executive Pay Levels I and II (the highest 67 presidentially appointed, Senate-confirmed positions such as Cabinet Secretaries) are publicly posted here.

For the other more than 1,000  reports filed with OGE (i.e., Under Secretaries, Designated Agency Ethics Officials, OGE’s own public financial disclosure filers, etc.), requesters must complete and submit an OGE Form 201. Complete the form and we will process your request as soon as possible. 

For the remaining more than 25,000 public financial disclosure reports filed by executive branch officials, an OGE Form 201 must be completed and submitted to the official’s employing agency.