OGE Form 278e: Part 4
Your Sources of Compensation Exceeding $5,000 in a Year (Nominee and New Entrant Reports Only)

Report the source of any non-federal compensation that exceeded $5,000 in any calendar year during the reporting period in Part 4.

Source Name


Brief Description of Duties

Faraday, Maxwell & Franklin

New York, NY

Associate attorney at this firm

Widgets Unlimited

Grand Rapids, MI

Legal services (client of Faraday, Maxwell & Franklin)

Vera Khan

Houston, TX

Legal services (client of Faraday, Maxwell & Franklin)

Allied Business Computing, Inc.

Reston, VA

Speaking engagement

Positron Investments, LLC

San Francisco, CA

Managing Director

For You

Part 4

Report any source that paid more than $5,000 for your personal services in any calendar year during the reporting period, which covers the preceding two calendar years and the current calendar year up to the date of filing.

Report such payments both from employers and from any clients to whom you personally provided services. You must report a source even if the source made its payment to your employer and not to you. As an exception to the requirement to report sources of such payments, do not include the United States Government as a source.

Do not report a client’s payment to your employer if you did not provide the services for which the client is paying. Because another employee, associate, or partner provided the services, the payment is not for services that you personally provided and, therefore, is not reportable in Part 4.

Generally, report sources as follows:

Source Name: Provide the name of the source.

City/State: Provide the city and state in which this source is located.

Brief Description of Duties: Provide a brief description of the type of services rendered.

* In certain rare cases, you need not publicly disclose the identity of confidential clients. In those cases, specify the reason(s) why confidential clients have not been disclosed. For each reason specified, indicate the number of confidential clients that have not been disclosed and indicate how many clients are entities and how many are individuals (e.g., “2 confidential clients are not disclosed because of DC Bar Rule 1.6 = 1 organization and 1 individual”). For Presidential nominees, the non-disclosure of confidential clients must be approved in advance by OGE.

For Your Spouse or Your Dependent Children

Do not report your spouse’s or dependent children’s sources of compensation in Part 4.

No Sources of Compensation to Report

If you do not have any sources of compensation to report, you need to state this fact. Within Integrity, you would make the statement by marking the “I do not have...” checkbox. For hard copy reports, write “None” for the first line entry.

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